Personal Branding is the process of finding yourself. Deep within ourselves to understand and list our own characteristics in terms of Appearance, Values, Talents, and Personality. The Company’s Band is influenced by the Personal Brand. It can be bad, it can be good. The decision to make it worse or better, is an individual decision.

Talkshow BrandME by IBH Academy in collaboration with Blackmoon Company for 50 key members of Furama Resort Danang on May 9th, 2022 will bring a useful experience for each member, helping each individual understand everything he or she shows, including appearance, style, words, actions, and inner thoughts and perceptions, affect the brand and the image of the company.

In 3 hours, with the sharing from famous blogger Nguyễn Ngoc Long, the students went from shaping their personal brand to becoming themselves, the outstanding version of themselves, live what they want, shine their own way, attract new people to them with their talents and values. At the same time, each individual is self-enlightened and makes adjustments so that the individual’s influence is positive for those around them and the company.

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